Friday, March 22, 2013

What's on the needles?

It's called Vancouver fog - long fingerless mitts with a cool cable running down the back of the hand. I hope Sharon likes them!


Betsy said...

I really like your yarn colors! And the pattern too of course.

You are getting awfully good at knitting, Jeph. I am impressed. I never got close to producing this smooth a result and I tried for years.

I have taken up crocheting again (and crewel), but I just get too tense when knitting for some reason - probably related to the additional skill required.

I am finding that the instructions for projects, even the "easy" ones could stand to be spelled out a tad more clearly. :b

Jeph said...

I forgot to respond to this! I have NO IDEA what crewel is - will have to look it up! And I've never ever crocheted - I always get the feeling that crochet is just supposed to be a little easier than knitting, but that could be completely wrong. And with a name like "crewel", I figure it can't be easy! ;-)