Thursday, October 03, 2013

Alpaca Farm Days

Now how cute is this?

And perhaps even cuter?

Would you believe this little white one was only THREE HOURS old!?!?

Three hours old, and already trying to play with the next older alpaca (3 months old).

Doh!  Just got photobombed!!  (Does it count as photobombing if the alpaca's not actually looking at me?)

These were the alpacas we saw when visiting the local alpaca farm for National Alpaca Farm Days this past weekend.  The farm's about a mile down the road, and I pass it on my way too and from work every day.  I've been watching their flock grow the last few it was fun to see them up close in person.

Even though we already learned alpacas aren't the most social critters when it comes to people, these guys were a bit more friendly than the ones we'd met at That'll Do Farm a couple weekends back.  Still, they weren't super fond of being held by their owners for visitors to run hands through the super soft fleece ("fur").  They had me comparing these two - one has more crimp to it's fleece, and it made a total difference.  At first one just looked maybe a TINY bit more plush?  But when they opened up the fleece you could see it more, and when you touched them - wow!  Now I want alpaca blankets!  Not knit - I mean blankets made of alpacas!

Check out that cheek fluff!

There were some minor behavioral issues going on with "the kids", and I couldn't quite make out what the issue was.  I think the older one was maybe harassing the new born, even though (as far as I could tell) the newborn didn't seem to care too much.  It just wanted attention.

Alright you guys - we've gotta head out!  Nice to meet you - and I look forward to seeing you grow up as I drive by!

Oh...and one of the original plans was for me to perhaps buy some yarn and/or roving that was "grown locally" - and I was really excited about this.  Only they didn't really have any of that for sale.  They had some yarn and such purchased from another alpaca farm...but that didn't have any interest for me.  So - no purchases at Alpaca Farm Days!

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