Friday, December 13, 2013

Back from the dead

Look what's popping up all over!

A variety of amaryllis - a mix of stuff I've acquired over the last few years, plus some new ones that Mary gave me recently when she split her bulbs.  What's really cool is that I think at least one of them is going to have a double stalk this year....see that little green pointy bit sticking up from the bulb in the picture above?  I'm pretty certain that's a second stalk coming out - and the blooms of the first stalk aren't even ready to bloom yet!

Many of the bulbs are showing signs of babies (pups?) coming off their sides.  I know I've heard stories of Mary's success with amaryllis, to the point that the expanding clusters of bulbs have actually broken the pots they were in!

Not sure yet if the one in the picture above is going to be just another baby bulb, or if it's a second stalk.  I suspect that's just another small bulb putting up some leaves...and I'm guessing it'll be a year or two before it's a big bulb like the ones putting up leaves and stalks?

Many of mine spent the summer out on the deck,and even got frosted a wee bit before I brought them I trimmed off all the dying leaves to give them a fresh start (and to avoid the mess).

As you can see, there's lots of potential here!


Sherry said...

This reminds me that spring really will come again!!!

Jeph said...

Just don't start holding your breath yet - it might be a bit premature! ;-)