Monday, December 16, 2013


Here's something I haven't made in awhile. When a friend emailed asking for a microwave recipe I'd made in previous years, I realized hoooow good peanut brittle sounded.

And as an added bonus (?), I accidentally purchased unsalted peanuts the previous week, and really wasn't enjoying them. Shaking salt in the bag with the peanuts wasn't helping - even using finer grade popcorn salt. I'd considered tossing them in a skillet with salt and maybe rosemary, figuring that would release the nut oils to get the salt to stick to them better (and, hello, rosemary!). But brittle sounded very doable, and was a great way to use up the peanuts in a hurry, especially since Brett wanted it more nutty than normal, and I had just over 2 cups (the recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups).

Here's the recipe:  The Peanut Van's microwave peanut brittle

What's really cool about this recipe is that you make it all in the microwave, and it is super easy if you've got an 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup (let's call it a bowl at this size!).

Since the nuts weren't salted, I just scooped up a jumbo pinch (maybe a tablespoon?) of kosher salt - and am loving how you sometimes get the hit of salt in the brittle.

Did yo notice that other bag with the peanuts? That's cashews. Sure, they're good for snacking on as is, and I was considering the skillet/rosemary treatment for them...but now? Maybe cashew brittle!


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Looks heavenly! I love homemade nut brittle. Even if it doesn't like me. :)