Sunday, December 08, 2013

Butternut spinach salad

We were up at mom and dad's in NY for Thanksgiving, and they were trying out some new recipes on us while we were there. This one sounded odd to me from just the name, but I'll try almost anything, and it was really good!

Wegman's Butternut Squash with Baby Spinach

Wegman's grocery store puts out a magazine pushing lots of their pre-made convenience foods, PLUS recipes for many of them using stuff they sell (including many of their convenience ingredients, such as the prepped butternut, or their basting oils).  I can't imagine what it'd be like living near a Wegman's - I imagine pricey and tasty! 

Since I wasn't buying butternut squash in weighed packages, already pre-peeled and chopped, I figured I'd just weigh the butternut chunks after I prepped them, and scale the rest of the recipe as needed.  Great idea, right?!  So I had almost exactly half the butternut squash called for...easy!

Time to toss it all together!

Only doofus me FORGOT I needed to scale everything down by half, and so it was more like a double spinach, double cranberry version of the recipe.  Oh well - still tastes great, and if I'd given it to you and you'd never had it before, you wouldn't have known what the ratios were supposed to be. And once you've dumped all the stuff in the bowl, there's no retrieving the spinach because the hot butternut has already started it wilting (as planned).  Like I said - no biggie!  Tasted great, and while not AS attractive later, it reheats nicely...

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