Sunday, December 22, 2013

Doing his part

Doogie is helping out by providing a sense of scale on the Fabergé shawl I'm knitting for Brett's mom (although it's kind of scrunched up so it looks smaller than it actually is).  No way is it getting done in time for Christmas, and I'm worried I'm going to start slowing down from hand/wrist fatigue.  I can do the all-knit rows pretty quick, but the all-purl rows take their toll on my wrist and on my knitting speed. 

The "textured eyelet" rows (not really visible here because it's rolling back at the moment) are definitely more enjoyable because you have to think with the repeating pattern and all the back and forth, and don't take long to knit.

If I did my figuring right last night, there's just over 300 beads on the shawl, and about 80 rows left to knit at this point.  Oy!  The good news is every other row decreases its width by 3 stitches.

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anne marie in philly said...

looks lovely, dear! your MIL should be pleased.