Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lights! Snow! Twilight!

Taken last nite after yesterday's very mild "snow storm":

As usual, I wish we would've gotten more snow, but then again, our snow thrower is in the maybe we can hold out another week or two until we get hit with a blizzard.  I think there's a chance for rain by the end of this week - hopefully we'll get blasted with another heavy snow in time for Christmas to really set the mood.

So I have a confession - almost all of the lights you see on the big tree here have been on the tree for the last few years.  I really thought I should take them down, but it's such a pain, and they don't seem to be harming the tree in any way, and'll notice they all seem to be working.  Whereas, if we take them off the tree and bundle them up in the basement for the year, some of the strands stop working.  So, gee, which is the better scenario here?

Unfortunately, I don't have much else decorated outside the house.  Heck, we don't even have the inside tree up yet.  We're most of the way through getting hardwood flooring in a couple room, plus refinishing of existing flooring, and the tree just couldn't go up yet.  I haven't really bothered with garland and other decorations yet either....why put stuff up that's going to possibly get in the contractors' way?  All the work should wrap up this week - so hopefully we'll get at least some more decorations up inside before Brett's family comes over for Christmas.  In the meantime, the lights outside are gonna have to do.  

Btw - I have to make sure I continue to take pics of outside trees lit up right at twilight!   Too light outside and the tree lights don't show up.  Too dark, and it just looks more like a mass of lights with a black background.  Twilight really lets everything show up nicely.  I kinda think I'm tapping into "the blue hour" here!!  I'd only recently seen it mentioned on a blog, and got the jist...but didn't figure I would normally have reason to take advantage of it!