Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all... (not for young eyes!)

Ho ho ho - Merry Christmas everybody!  Hope you're having a great Christmas Day!

For Christmas this year, I decided to try knitting up some ornaments - mostly because each year we swap ornaments with Sharon and Andy, and they always seem to make some really cool homemade gift or ornament, and always a Christmas card.  Ok, fine...I'll have a go at it with the knitting!

I tried using the Christmas Knit Ornament Pattern Set for Santa as instructed, but I don't purl well, and you're supposed to knit Santa flat.  And on something like size US4, per the instructions.  It did NOT look good.  And it was HUGE!  So I started over, using size 2 1/2, and converting the pattern to knit in the round (not hard, just keep knitting on circular needles).  It made for a really dense knit, and a tiny Santa.  I was really happy with him.  I even added beads for the eyes (extras for a shawl pattern for Brett's mom), and eyebrows.

I think he turned out really cute....but then seemed kinda lonely, and since Sharon and Andy are a couple, I thought I'd make one for each of them!  So I did a spin off the Santa pattern, and came up with my own Mrs Claus.  (You can tell she's a girl - look at her lips and her tiny boobies).  I was really happy with how her glasses turned out - just some twisted wire that, when hooked back and curled through the knit yarn to hold in place, also made earrings.

At some point I was realizing the "cream/off-white" yarn I was using for their skin seemed darker when next to the other colors...almost African American.  This wasn't a problem, but then I realized, with us going out of town for Thanksgiving, I should knit up another Santa to leave for Brett's parents as a thank you for cat sitting for us, and it was a good chance to try a different yarn/skin color for future reference if I repeat this pattern.

Only, with new Santa in town, Mrs Claus seemed to want to play the field...  While her Mr Claus wasn't looking she...uh...

...well, she went to visit the new neighbor and, uh...

...I guess they met up under the mistletoe and one thing led to another.

Poor original Santa.  He caught them in the act!!  Oh no!!

I hear there's quite the law suit brewing....who gets the reindeer, who gets the elves, how to split up the toy factory, etc.  Thankfully they agreed to wait til after Christmas before things really start getting ugly - hopefully they'll have it all settled out by next year!

Happy Holidays!  ;-)

My Santa #1
My Santa #2
My Mrs Claus


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ho ho ho indeed, mrs. claus!

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