Monday, December 23, 2013

Might Aphrodite

Well well well, look who's opening up!

C'mon out, don't be shy...

There we go!

Check out this Aphrodite amaryllis.  This was a $5 boxed bulb and plastic pot from Walmart probably a year or two ago.  It spent the summer out on the deck being completely neglected and had long lanky leaves straggling all over the place, then got hit with a bit of frost once or twice before I brought it in (hint:  frosted amaryllis leaves are GROSS!)

And surprise!  It's the first amaryllis to bloom!  As a bonus, I now see a second stalk from the main bulb coming up, and there's a couple little "pups" (I think that's what the baby bulbs are called) on either side.  Yay!

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