Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season's greetings

Each year we get a homemade Christmas card from Sharon and Andy.  Well, no criticism for Andy, but I think Sharon does all the work on these.  This year?  QUILLING!

Yeah, I didn't know what quilling was either.  Is it like twerking?

Nope - it's the curling of paper and then gluing it so it sticks out from a surface.  Google it...there's tons of interesting designs.  And check out what Sharon did!

That's right, she threw their heterosexuality in our faces!!!

ROFL  I was teasing her about this when she gave us the card, but it's become the running joke now.  Seriously - this is impressive work, and I see it as Sharon and Andy on our mantle, with him leaning over to give her a Christmas kiss on the cheek.  Cute, hunh?

Sharon gave us ours in person - can you imagine getting one of these in the mail?  Cool!

This is like a collector mentality - what will next year's card be!?  I can't wait!!

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