Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Snug deer nookie

Well nuts - I'm thinking this special request Christmas gift (for someone who doesn't read the blog AND isn't on Facebook) is running a bit snug.  I made several changes to the pattern because it warns (and commenters confirmed) that it was super sized.  Having made that before, I wanted this hat scaled down.  It's actually an extension of the pattern I used before - someone took it and released a hat pattern, but based on all the feedback I dropped a tall section between the ribbing and the start of the deer feet, I went down several needle sizes, AND after trying it a few times with the original four repeats of the pattern,I dropped down to three repeats.

It seemed like it was going great - a hair snug, but you want that with a hat.  We'll see what happens when I block it - that should relax it and stretch it out a little.

I'm really liking the color combination - the blue is Malard, and u believe the light color is Light Silver?  Both in Cascade 220.

I just finished the top of the deer antlers.  I'll continue with the starry sky and then there's a decreasing spotted pattern to top off the head. Fingers crossed!


anne marie in philly said...

who IS that cutie with the f-ing deer hat? :)

Jeph said...