Monday, December 09, 2013

What I got for Christma...ooh! Pretty bird!

Here's one of the gifts Sharon and Andy got me for Christmas this year.  I guess she saw it ages ago and had to get it for me - when something makes you instantly buy it for someone, it must really be spot on, right?  It seems like, on the rare occasions we get to see each other nowadays, there's always at least one time where I'll do or say something and one of them will turn to the other, give one of those "we've discussed this" looks, and then say something like "A.D.D."

Now let's just hope Tucker doesn't choose to destroy this shirt like the last one she gave me that I love - the one with the ear of corn graphic angling up from the bottom of the shirt, saying "I'm a grower" (you know, because I grow corn and other veggies - what were you thinking?).

Thanks guys!

(More coverage of Christmas goodies coming soon...)


Sharon Andy Holderman said...

this shirt STILL makes me laugh when I read it! :)

FinnyKnits said...

I didn't know this about you! This is a flaw of the Internet. Or a benefit? From the other side of the screen you seem perfectly non-ADD. Though, that could be because of my own ADD iss...wait? Another hobby you say? Hey - do you guys brew beer?

Jeph said...

Just do we're all clear, this has only been diagnosed by Doctor Sharon, and she's not a doctor in real life. ;-)

Brett says he's not willing to commit to ahh statements on this topic. He just says " you have Remley-itis."

Jeph said...

"Just SO we're all clear...", not "do".

anne marie in philly said...

a grower, eh?

that shirt would be perfect for one of my other boyfriends!