Monday, March 31, 2014

Culinary genius

We had twice baked potatoes the other night, and there were plenty leftover... I've read they recover really well from being frozen, so most are going to get wrapped and frozen for quick dinners later, but in the meantime...

Brett was off at a charity event for the day, so I was flying solo on a dreary, windy, rainy day at home - just me, the critters, some reading, and some knitting.  What for lunch?

I took one of the smaller twice baked potato (which was a half potato shell), which was was still very firm while cold from the fridge, carefully cut it into 8 pieces, and rolled them around in some flour, then fried in a little butter.  YUM!!  This seems like fair food!

(Most of) those got wrapped up in a tortilla with some shredded cheddar, a quickly fried egg, and two leftover pieces of bacon (not shown here) from when I made the twice baked potatoes.  (Leftover cooked bacon?  Strange concept, right?)

That all got rolled up nice and snug, and then put back in the skillet for a few minutes on each side.  This warmed the tortilla a bit more, plus sort of set the shape.

Lemme tell ya, this was so good!!!  Nice, warm and comforting on a cold, icky day.  It was so good that I was bragging about it to Brett when he got home, and we made more for a late breakfast the next day!!  MMMM good!  About the only real slow down here was that I wanted to stir up and fry each egg individually (I only used one egg per wrap) to keep them more tidy.  It would certainly be faster to go my usual route, just scrambling all the eggs together, breaking them up as I go, and then distributing evenly between the wraps.

Oh, and like I said, most of the fried twice baked potato pieces went in the wrap.  Some I couldn't resist snacking on while I was working on the rest of the stuff.  ;-)

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