Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Feet 4 of 5, scratch that, 4 of 6!

So these are what are being called "The Princess Socks."

This was the first time I used any of the Zen Garden yarns - I was intrigued by their OOAK (One Of A Kind) dye jobs, where you can find randomly colored skeins of yarn for sale.  If you happen to like the colors in a dye job, and need more than one skein of it, buy it all up right away because they don't duplicate these colorways!

I got the color "OOAK MY.BA-FL", which looked like this:

It really doesn't look all that pink in the picture, does it?  I was thinking it'd be more intense reds, omre prominent grays, etc.  I'm starting to learn that many of these crazily multi-colored skeins look very different as soon as they're balled up, and also different when knit.

With this pair I stuck with the afterthought heel, but worked in a piece of waste yarn, which made it a little easier to pick up the stitches.

As noted before, whenever I'm knitting, I usually have a helper.  Any guesses who this is?

Depending on the lighting, these socks look more or less pink.  Sometimes more ruby, sometimes even maroon.  But usually?  Pink.  Oh well - they're really comfortable and freakishly soft!  Wonder how they'll hold up to wear and tear...

You can already see cat and/or dog hair stuck to them...

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