Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Feet 6 of 6

Really love the dark rich reds in this Zen Garden Serenity 20 OOAK Susan 2-8!

It might've looked a bit more murky when I opened up the skein...

But I loved it once I wound it up!  It looks a bit purple-y in this picture, but the socks are definitely not looking so purple to me...

CO the usual 16 per needle (32 total), but only increased to 30 per needle (60 total).  And, while it's not Zen Garden with silk, it's still super soft!  I think, because I'm liking these a bit more than the green socks in Another Crafty Girl, I'm spending a bit more time knitting these than the green socks.  These also require a bit more attention since the top is ribbed, the bottom is these aren't "knit while watching tv/movie" socks quite like the green ones are....unless whatever we're watching isn't keeping my attention.  ;-)

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