Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's not easy being green

So many things in the garden trying to green up, leaf out, open buds etc...and then we had snow and ~20F temps early this week... So let's take a look at who's trying to green up when it's a bit too cold still:

Tip of an apple tree branch:

Raspberries - and these aren't where they're supposed to be.  They began invading the asparagus patch a year or two ago, and there's no fighting 'em!  (Take note: NO asparagus tips yet - just raspberries)

Plum tree - the three different 2-n-1 Japanese plum trees are all starting to look like this - each at slightly different stages.  Let's hope the cooler temps slow them down just a bit in case we get any more freezes - I'd love to have homegrown plums finally!

Clematis - I'm impressed with how early these guys start budding out!

Catnip - everywhere...and rarely where intended!  This is actually a pile of small volunteers, all in last year's broccoli bed (how'd they get all the way over there?).  I dug them all up the other day, piled them, and buried them in leaves until I decide where I actually want them.What you see is just the top of the pile of plants.

The top of one of the other apple trees - in this case, where I'm trying to espalier the trees on wires, and I'll attempt to keep them really really small (hey, I've seen it done!)

Garlic.  Lots and lots of garlic!  This is the 12'x4' bed, and then there's a little more at the end of one of the other beds.

Wow, there is no stopping this honeysuckle!

Pussy willow all fuzzed out...

Forsythia's about to bloom, which means I need to be treating the lawn with corn gluten or other pre-emergent weed control right now!

Asian plum tree...hard to focus on the closer buds, but you get the idea here...

Ok, these last two aren't green buds just developing or trying to open - just couldn't resist more pics of the hellebores as they're opening more.

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