Friday, April 25, 2014


I have two kinds of strawberries growing - the more traditional kind, as shown here, which look to be making a great recovery after the particularly cold winter:

And then the alpine strawberries, in both red and pale yellow, which I started from seed last winter, and provided quite a few little nibblies in the yard last summer and fall.  Now would you look at this:

First alpine strawberry bloom (that I've seen) of the season, before the end of April, and during a week when we're still having freezing temps some nights!  And you can see this little bloom got frozen before or after opening, which is why it's looking a bit more like a Black Eyed Susan.  It's not supposed to be black in the middle like that, and is showing signs of frost damage.  Nope, this little flower won't be producing any berries...

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