Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Finally started getting asparagus around May 1, 2014. Like everything else, it seems a bit late this year.... I think I tracked down old info showing I was harvesting it around April 14th in 2012? Not sure when I was harvesting it in 2013, but it had to be earlier than this!  And, as usual, the purple variety always comes up before the green, which I believe is Jersey Knight?  I remember Sharon and I split two orders of asparagus plants - one green, one purple - to start up our asparagus beds.  While she and Andy have moved, leaving their asparagus behind, I'm still enjoying mine.

And take note - I've heard others are also seeing some seriously spindly first asparagus stalks this year.  Usually they start off thick and get skinnier as you deplete the plant of stalks/energy each year, and you're supposed to stop harvesting by the time they get down to pencil thickness.  Is this going to be a rough or short year for asparagus after the really long, cold winter?*

* Disclaimer:  I'm sure you'll see plenty of references to "a really long, cold winter" in the blog as more of the perennial plants/trees start doing their thing this spring.  Please do not confuse this with me disliking long, cold winters.  I loooooved it.  It could've gone on another month and I would've been fine.  Only after we started having some warm periods and the plants started waking up did I realize I wanted winter to end, but only because I didn't want waking plants to then be damaged by any return to colder temps.  But, seriously, I loved the bitter cold, the snow, etc.  It was great!

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Sharon Andy Holderman said...

awwwwwwww, I miss my Jephie asparagus. I did buy some at wal-mart this past weekend and they were REALLY good, but they just weren't the same. jealous!!!