Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's try this again

The original robin nest I found this spring is back in use! Remember that it was loaded with eggs, but then I started finding eggs scattered all around the yard. Wellll....check this out!

Yes, I still have xmas lights on the tree...  I blame the constant use by nesting birds stopping me from pulling them down.

There were four eggs in it when I looked the other day, and the mother gives me just a few minutes of stink eye as I go past the tree each time.  Anything longer and it turns from a guarded look to holy hell, with her flying low out of the tree, gliding to a low spot nearby, making a TON of fuss, then flying up to a higher spot and continuing the distraction routine.  She really wants me to follow her and not pay attention to the nest.  

Oh, and I know I said I found four eggs in the nest.  Well, I found #5 on the ground near the back of the yard while doing some landscaping work the other day, and since it wasn't broke, annnnd felt warm, so I chased momma robin from the nest for a second (hey, she was gonna go all bat shit crazy on me anyhow), and put the egg in there.  Two days later and she's still sits on all five eggs, and still gives me grief, so I guess we're ok.  I'll try to do a better job of keeping my distance, and hopefully this batch of eggs will be successful.  I know of a couple other spots in the yard where I suspect we have robin nests in use, so we could have a whole mess of baby birds this summer...


anne marie in philly said...


FinnyKnits said...

So fancy! And I like it when the baby robins are learning to fly. You can walk right up to them without them flying off.

Of course, they then shit all over whatever they're nervously sitting on, but that's funny, too.

Jeph said...

I hate the day they're learning to fledge and you didn't get the you walk by them and suddenly it's total chaos as squawking baby birds are crashing all over the place, bouncing around the yard, etc. Last year Daisy was the first to trigger one of these (I didn't even know we had a robin nest just off the deck!), and managed to kill one baby before I got things under control, dogs back inside, birds chased to safety, etc.

And bird shit is not funny. ;-)