Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tasty summer goodness!

Knee high by the fourth of July, my ass!  Check these out!  The tallest of the corn is taller than me, and this picture was taken July 2nd.  Now sure, it's in a raised bed, but this bed has the least amount of soil in it - I'd guess they're only getting a 4-6" boost...probably towards the lower end.  I just hope I don't have them crammed too close together...And that my staggering of two separate plantings each of two different varieties works out right.  I've read you can plant different types of corn close to each other if they're days-to-harvest are at least two weeks apart, which these should be.  Otherwise you risk cross-pollination of types like sweet, triple sweet, etc and I guess they can all turn out kinda funky.  Check me later this summer to see how much corn I'm picking out of my teeth. 

Oh, and check out that sunflower volunteer!


Sue said...

Cripes-your corn looks terrific! Mine is barely shin high-but we are really slow up here. And I'm glad you didn't "pluck" the sunflower. Those volunteers are always the healthiest, and often the prettiest ones I grow.
Have a great weekend

Jeph said...

I always have a hard time getting sunflowers to start from seed (on purpose) and then actually make it til flowering stage. It seems germination is low, and then the critters prefer to nibble those down.