Thursday, August 14, 2014

Andy's tunnel

My buddy Andy hooked me up with these metal hoops last year (two years ago?), but they haven't gotten as much use as I expected because I have a hard time covering them.  The problem is having fabric wide enough to cover them, and that problem comes from the 4' width resulting in too tall a hoop.  I can only get the metal pipes down in the ground so far...I think I need to finally do the deed and cut about a foot off each end.

As you can see, I've draped two lengths of row cover down the length, and tried to fasten them shut, but they still blow open once in awhile.  And since we've had bunnies and deer come through snacking, I need to keep some sort of protection over the beds when there's new bean seedlings coming up.  This bed, front to back, is two kinds of beans, then potatoes (not sure if they're going to come up?), then purple basil someone gave me just a couple weeks ago, then beet seeds, which I'm happy to say are sprouting AND are protected from the bunnies!  (The rabbits ate my last planting of beets)

Thanks Andy!  I really do appreciate my hoops!

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