Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mine's bigger than yours!

Lots of pictures of basically the same thing, but I can't seem to limit it to one or two favorites while looking at the small pictures on my phone - so you're subject to all of these.  I'm looking a little gross and sweaty out in the mugginess, but you get the idea.  I don't think I've had stuff get this crazy tall in the garden in years.  Hard to believe this stuff was all planted back in, what, May?

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Sue said...

Crazy beautiful sunflowers--gosh, how I love em! I let mine self sow last year and the differences in heights is amazing. I've got some no taller than my hip-and ones to rival yours. The only thing I didn't like is I HAD been growing a wide variety of colors and patterns, but the ones that self sowed this year came up mostly yellows, just different height.
Love your corn patch. I sowed mine too close and didn't get much this year.