Sunday, August 03, 2014

Now we're talking!

Tomatoes #2 and #3 (#1 was rotting out on the backside - ew), starting to get some cucumbers (slicing and pickling types), more squash, and hey, the edamame are plumping. 

Lesson learned - two not-fully-developed edamame in the microwave for one minute?  Too long!  The beans burst out of one of the pods!  They sure tasted good.  Now the trick is to watch them like a hawk and harvest all the plants that are ready at the same time.  You don't harvest edamame like beans or sugar snaps - a small part of the harvest everyday for weeks or months.  I didn't know this when I grew them years ago...edamame have a very short window.  More than a few days and they're too starchy and no good.  Bleh.  So this week I'm guessing will be harvest for a good chunk of the first planting, and most will get blanched and frozen.

Fingers crossed that I get my timing right!

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