Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catching some rays

Went back to do the first picking of the late planting of green beans, and found this guy up in the weeds next to the back bed, sunning itself.  It looked startled, but didn't take off right away - probably more self defense in not drawing attention to itself than just a lack of concern about being found?  By the time I made it around to that dude of the bed while picking,I didn't see it.  For all I know, it could have been right next to me the whole time...  (That ought to freak out the snake-o-phobes!)
And speaking of green beans,I can't express how thrilled I am to be starting the first picking of a patch of green beans on the 16th of September, especially knowing we're supposed to get down to 44F tonight!  I don't think I've ever managed to remember to plant more seeds late enough to get a successful succession planting this late.  I have the bunnies to thank in a way - they ate what I assumed would be my last planting and so, in a panic I seeded what had just been the garlic bed, then put hoops over it and covered it. 

I think tonight is supposed to be the lowest temp in the next ten days, and it's not close to frost temps, so I'm thinking the beans will be ok for awhile yet.  Having been under row cover and fairly protected from the elements, plus the first beans set by the plants,I have to say they are almost juicy when you bite into them raw - a very nice crisp snap, but not at all woody.  Very tasty!

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