Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Processing tomatoes

There's been a whole lotta this going on recently:

And with this kinda action, there's been a real mess in the kitchen.  Lots of tomato drippings, splattered boiling water, etc.  But I've put up more jars of tomatoes this year than ever before - plain tomato sauce, seasoned tomato sauce, tomato sauce with basil and wine, crushed tomatoes, sauce with red and yellow tomatoes, etc.

I have to say I've really kinda enjoyed it, even though I'm burning out on using the hand-crank food mill!  Before next canning season (perhaps for Christmas gifts!?) I'm hoping to get set up with a couple of attachments for my KitchenAid mixer.  (Strange - you can buy them individually or packaged together, and they're currently cheaper purchased separate!)

The particular batch of sauce I was working on above was a mix of the last tomatoes of the season - so Early Girls, Lucky Cross (that's where a lot of the yellow/gold is coming from), Opalka, and even a mix of cherry tomatoes.

The batch above only got us 6 pints when all was said and done, but add that to all the previous canning I've done, and we're really set!  Brett's itching to start opening up jars of tomato product to use in stuff, whereas I feel like they need to sit around and be appreciated for all the work that went into the for awhile first.  ;-)

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