Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Even with all the garden clean up, things are still growing in the garden.  A number of the pumpkins rotted out - either they were somewhere too moist, or the vines died off...who knows.  But then you get the odd balls like this really cool dark speckled one, hanging from sunflower stalks.  The pumpkin still feels a little tender, so I'm worried it won't finish ripening/hardening before frost hits....we'll see.  And there's another pumpkin in the background.

I really hope this one makes it - so funky looking!

Turns out there's two hiding out in the background!

And this is the same variety, but a pumpkin that developed earlier.  This one seems more dry, and like it has a better chance.  The colors faded, but I think that's expected as it is closer to harvest-ready.

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