Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rooting rosemary

Let's see if we can't build up the rosemary stash...I only picked up two plants this spring, and haven't used them heavily, partly because I didn't want to run out in case I REALLY needed rosemary for something.  I know...odd logic.  Anyhow, I dug up both plants the other day, potting them up, and hoping to overwinter them indoors...and figured this was also a good time to try expanding the collection.  So I took a bunch of cuttings from both plants, stripped the leaves off the bases, and jammed them in a pot of damp soil.  This is about to get bagged up (you can see the bag under the pot) to maintain humidity and hopefully encourage rooting without the plants accidentally going through a dry spell when I forget to water them.

I've read about this method of rooting cuttings with geraniums, plus just heard mention of doing the same with rosemary on a podcast last week.  I don't know why, but some plants seem to do well with the cuttings being shoved in around the edge of the pot.  Plus this way you get to try with a bunch of cuttings in one pot, if  you lose some hey, that's alright, and then you can repot the survivors later...

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