Saturday, October 11, 2014

Speaking of apples

Even though we picked a ton of apples at Stotlers today,I have to say I was more excited with my homegrown Golden Delicious - the ONLY Golden Delicious I got from my trees this year thanks to some unknown critters.  Initially I assumed it was just deer, but after the next to last apple disappeared even with chicken wire draped over the tree in a way no deer could get in there, I'm wondering if a possum was also helping itself to my growies.

This apple may not look real pretty, having had zero spray/pesticide/fungicide, but it sure tasted great. 


anne marie in philly said...

just ONE? a shame. do possums and raccoons climb trees, I wonder?

Jeph said...

Possums and raccoons most definitely climb stuff - they spend much of their time up in the trees. Now the apple trees I have so far really aren't more than 3-4' tall, mostly because I've been working on espaliering / cordoning them into a fence shape - something like this: