Friday, December 12, 2014

Poor peach

The peach tree I planted this past spring, worried that the first peach tree wasn't going to recover after last winter, was a real trooper and gave me seven amazing tasting peaches.  Granted, I think they were pollinated just at the time I bought the tree, so I don't get any credit.

Now I'm worried this tree's days are numbered.  I realize planting peach trees is one of the worst things to do - that they're a lot of work to keep alive and producing.  I knew this risk going in with the first one, and then after having my own peaches, I HAD to have more...they are AMAZING!  So maybe I'll just plan on putting in a new tree every few years, assuming these guys die off to blights, bugs, diseases, etc?  We'll see - maybe I'm worrying too early - but you have to admit these spots on the tree do NOT look healthy.  And I never know - do I cut those branches off NOW, or wait til spring?  I know you're supposed to avoid pruning peaches and plums over winter.

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