Sunday, January 11, 2015

Northshore Cardigan: Cable Flub

I'm getting really behind on blog postings, even though I've been uploading pics as drafts.  Let's see if I can't get a little caught up...  Doing this from the phone, so I think formatting will leave a little something to be desired.

I've been saying forever that I want to knit a sweater or, more likely, a cardigan.  Something that can easily be worn at work or home and is easy to wear over something else but also remove as the temperature requires during the day...  It was in the post-Christmas "I want to treat myself to something" haze that Craftsy was running a big sale.  I'd taken online classes from them but had never known just how much yarn etc you could get from them (I'm usually pretty good about keeping my blinders on to the "you should also buy this!" ads).  However, a friend was telling me Christmas Eve about all she's gotten there in the past, so I was more open minded to their big end of year clearance sale.  And then I saw it...

For about $26 I could get the pattern and 11 skeins of yarn for the Northshore cabled cardigan.  No, it's not fancy yarn, but it was still something like 50% off, and being mostly acrylic I figured I'd feel less bad if I botched it.  (Wool snob talking...sorry)

I've never knit something so big that's fitted.  I've never knit something so big that needs to be seamed.  I haven't seriously knit cables in quite awhile.

Turns out it's progressing really well!  I've been at it just over a week now (pics of further progress later), and the only mistakes happened the second day.  Both were in the cabling on the same row, and neither was discovered till about six rows later.  The first pic shows both mistakes near the top - the center cable is correct.  The left has the cables passing incorrectly for the pattern, but is still totally fine.  The right was a minor mess.  This was about 4" from the bottom while working on the back panel.

I figured I'd drilled down a number of rows to do repairs on lace work before - this should be similar, right?  Ugh.  With lace you're usually doing the details on one side of the work.  With this cable pattern it's different on both front and back.

The pics at the bottom show how i didn't do a good job with the repairs, and I decided not to mess with the right most cable mistake.

At the time I'm typing this I'm about 15" up from the bottom, and no more mistakes (that i know of).

I'll document more progress later.

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Sue said...

Wow-that must really take some talent. Wish you the best on it....looks like you are making good progress. I envy your talent.