Saturday, January 24, 2015

Super cute dress, mediocre baby

So when Jamie announced she was pregnant last year, I decided I wanted to try making something special for her and the baby.  Well, I guess it's more for the baby.  I knit my first stuff rabbit - this was way more complicated than the Voodoo You Love Me dolls I'd knitted before.  Definitely a lot of fun, and super cute...I have to admit I wanted to keep it for myself.  I gave Jamie this gift way early in her pregnancy because I couldn't resist.

Then I decided that wasn't quite enough.  I felt like I needed to knit something I could gift closer to when the baby was born...and maybe something nicer than just a stuffed animal.  I found a pattern on Ravelry for a "knit it all as one piece", simple looking dress.  People did lots of customizations - changing colors, etc.  I figured, heck, I could try this!  I had Brett pick the yarn colors from my stash, and I hit My Sister's Yarn Shop for the buttons.

Wow, for it being mostly just knit and purl stitches, it took way longer than I expected!  Let's just say I fizzled out, had a brief period where I stopped knitting, and then Jamie had the baby and oops, the dress wasn't done.  I felt really guilty and finally kicked back into gear on it.

I had a minor goof up here and there, which seems pretty typical, but nothing that wasn't repairable, or wouldn't be known by anyone other than the knitter.  The colors looked good together.  Blocking wasn't too bad, although on something so simple in the stitch, I learned it's surprisingly difficult to make it look like it's made of straight lines...

Anyhow, long story short, the baby was born, and while the dress was pretty big for her, about five months later she was able to wear it to her father's graduation commencement!  Woo hoo!  That's flattery!

Here's a pic of the super cute dress and the, meh, just mediocre baby...

Awwww....who'm I kidding - the dress is alright, but that baby is downright mega cute!  (And look - go from a minor insult to a complement, and she switches from stink-eye to cute smiles!)

Oh, and speaking of that rabbit - she's been getting her picture taken with it each birthday to show how much she's growing.  Yay!  Apparently it's started to taste pretty good too...

How cute is that kid?!?!

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