Friday, February 06, 2015

So much snow!

We had more snow Wednesday night, and it's really starting to build up in some areas.  During this, the lot next to us had it's basement dug out.  Now the view out the kitchen looks like there area snowy mountains off in the distance, until you take a closer look and realize it's just next door.  Here's the view from the street when I got home Thursday afternoon.

And this one's looking back towards our house...

Yes, we still have the wreath over the's been too slick to convince me to get up on the 20 ft ladder to get that thing down.  I'll wait til things thaw out more.  And check out some of those icicles over the porch!

After plowing the drive I took the dogs out back to play.  Doogie loves running around adventuring, while Daisy tends to spend more time locking in on scents.  I gave the dogs permission to go check out all the dug up dirt next door.  Doogie saw it as a fun adventure!

Daisy, on the other hand, stuck by my side...she was already showing signs of fatigue from being in the snow that was too deep for her, plus I didn't realize it til a few minutes after I took this picture, but the cold was getting to her as well.

Doogie coming out from snooping around the in the Valley of Dirt Mountains, now overseeing his domain...

Annnnd then he remembered just how deep the snow was in our backyard, where it hasn't been all dug up.  There are patches where last weekend's freezing rain has created a solid layer of ice under the more recent snow.  Daisy can walk across some without sinking through, while Doogie has a very awkward walk - stepping, pausing for a second, then collapsing through that frozen layer down to the ground.  It's up to his armpits (leg pits?) at this point!

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Sue said...

Love the snow pictures. We are mysteriously, maddenly short on snow this year. It seems to all be going south of us. Frustrating for a snow-lover!