Sunday, March 08, 2015

Little Red

Meet Little Red.   Not the most creative name, but when he (it) started showing up a few weeks ago, that was just the name that popped out and stuck.   We've been getting a lot of the traditional gray squirrels, plus some of the black ones the local area is known for, but this is the first time I've seen one of this smaller variety with the reddish orange fur down its back and tail.   The color isn't really noticeable from this angle, but really shows up nicely from the back or above.

I think Little Red is living under our deck.   Even though I thought it was well sealed off to start with, we started thinking we had a possum getting under there this fall so I blocked off any possible holes with wire mesh.   I don't know if the squirrel pulled the mesh out, or if all the snow and ice opened things up somehow.   So far the only harm he seems to be doing is driving Daisy crazy.

Absolutely. Freaking. Crazy.

But since the other squirrels and other critters coming around are also driving her nuts, what's one more squirrel? Plus this one is smaller and cuter than all the others.

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Sue said...

Oh, but keep an eye on that little fella---they can destroy a building with their gnawing .