Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden color

Here's just some of the pics I took the other day while trying out a new phone app on my camera.  Some are really nice, some are out of focus or washed out.  I'm really not a good photographer, and should just rely on "auto-focus" and nothing more.

I love the striped pale blue here - I think these are muscari, or grape hyacinths.

Looking down the end of the veggie beds, I've got daffodils popping up, and popping open, all over the place.  Looking forward to tulips soon.

The white in these hyacinths and daffs are apparently too white for the camera - but check out those purples and a little pink in the background.

Out of focus in the foreground is the 'Jane' magnolia I put in last year.  I see buds, but don't know if they'll result in blooms after just one year, or if I'll have to wait awhile longer.

Here's sort of a "woodland corner" I'm trying to establish - this is just to the side and behind the garden bend, which has honeysuckle and clematis growing over it, and then just to the south of that is a river birch - so this area is becoming more shaded each year.  All of the forsythia are in bloom now, and the pussy willow (a cutting from my parents years ago) is covered in fuzzy catkins.

More daffs!

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