Thursday, April 23, 2015

Other fruit in the garden

I've shown pics of the cherries and Japanese plum trees the last two days - but wait, that's not all!  There's more fruit thinking about providing this season.  I have to say, there are some pretty impressive buds on the trees out there this year.  Now to see if I can remember what's what from these pictures.

Here's one of the two Asian pears I've had for years now.  This is the one I thought for sure was a goner - it didn't look at all healthy last year, and so I ordered a replacement over winter - this time a 4-in-1 grafted tree.  Well guess what?  This tree is looking pretty impressive this spring, and I didn't have the guts to yank it it's getting a reprieve, and the new tree found a home at the end of the existing 'Heritage' raspberry bed.  Oh, and at the base of the tree you can see (out of focus) that at least some of the Alpine strawberries have made it through another cold winter.  I definitely need to be thinking of starting new ones next year!

One of the espaliered apple trees - I think this is 'Red Delicious'?  Three of the four espaliered apple trees finally set fruit last year, and yet I barely got to enjoy them thanks to storms blowing off the fruit, critters stealing the fruit, etc.  Maybe I'll have better luck this year?

Stepping back for a better look at the espaliered apple trees.

I believe this is the 2-n-1 European pear tree.  I had some fruit on it last year, but again, storms blew off a bunch before they were even close to ripe, and then the ones I did pick were....blech.  I need to learn better timing with harvesting pears - they're kinda tricky.

Ummm....this might actually be another picture of the cherry trees, which I already posted pics of this week?

 Strawberries at the base of one of the Japanese plums....this is the healthiest looking strawberry bed - the other two got a bunch of new plants added this year.


Sue said...

I think the weather is getting to be more of a challenge each year....
Your trees all look pretty good. Let's hope for better weather this year!

Jeph said...

Turns out places less than an hour north and north east of here got up to an inch and a half of snow this morning! We had some rain, graupel and flurries yesterday, and then VERY light flurries this morning - no accumulation.