Friday, April 24, 2015

The new bed

Not a ton to look at with this gardening picture.  With the new house being built next door, new lot markers were put in, and I've gotten a better feel for where the back corner of our yard is.  MORE SPACE TO FILL!!  No longer will that all be weeds back there...  I put in a very simple, narrow new bed just by making several passes up and down a stretch parallel to the southern most veggie bed, turning the soil over repeatedly.  After that I planted five new 'Jewel' black raspberries, and at one end, a 'Blanca' white currant.

Each plant got a healthy dose of compost added to the hole, plus I scattered some myco packs from Raintree Nursery in there as well.  Leaves went on after, and that was it.  I figure I'll get out there again soon, pull most of the leaves back a bit, mulch with a layer of newspaper or cardboard, and then pile the leaves back on.

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