Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Before the frost

Some strawberries got floating row cover, some got leaves still bagged from last fall...depending on what I had to work with.

The blueberries got pots and buckets on them...

I'm really hoping to protect the baby Japanese plums!

In the greenhouse it's nice and humid and warm - and there's water in the tub just to act as a heatsink...really seems to work, as the water was warm even though it was very cold out!

The skinny European plum got wrapped, but was seriously swaying in the wind, so I pinned it in place with three tomato cages, which really locked it in!  This tree also has small fruit on it...a first!

The asparagus got heavily picked, and hopefully any remaining new shoots are down in the raspberries enough that they'll be protected.

Peek-a-boo - I see you!  I'll have to come back after the frost and knock all the leaves down between the strawberries, rather than being piled on top of them.  Same goes for the potatoes, which have been getting some good green growth lately.

You can see a lot in this last pic...
  • In the distance is the smallest Japanese plum wrapped in row cover.  The two larger Japanese plums didn't get wrapped - I'll hose them with water in the morning to see if it makes a difference.
  • Beneath each of the Japenese plums are strawberries, with either floating row cover or leaves.
  • Back behind the plums and to the right, not really visible, are the potatoes covered in leaves.
  • Far right are the blueberries covered in buckets and a pot.
  • In front of those is burlap draped and pinned in place over the fence rail - that's protecting currants (and, by chance, a hydrangea).
  • To the left of that is a bucket over a currant.

Up on deck, I covered the potted geraniums...and off to the far right, out of the pic, is a pot with various flowering annuals, covered in a tubtrug.


Sue said...

Ah --spring. When we get our best exercise from covering stuff and hauling stuff in and out of protection.


Jeph said...

No kidding!! I need to check over to your blog to see if you're going through the same sort of thing. Thankfully, it looks like I didn't lose anything to the frost.

There's three nights this week where we're supposed to drop down to 43/44 (compared to yesterday's high of 91 - blech)....but there shouldn't be annnny risk of frost with that.