Friday, May 22, 2015

Not another frost...

Well crap.

Let's be honest - I've suspected this was coming for about a week now.  The extended forecast was showing the green dew point line would be down below freezing tonight, while the low temp was never supposed to get below about 42.  Then 40.  Then 38.  See where this is going?  But never down to the freezing point.  Still, the dew point was always below freezing...

And then this morning I woke up to the frost advisory for tonight.

Funny thing - early this morning I saw the map of advisory alerts, and noticed we were in the western most counties to have risk of frost (we sit in the middle of Portage county - look for the red dot down in the second image).  I was thinking, hey, maaaaaybe since we're at the edge we won't get the frost.

Taken around 8am

And now the advisory map looks like this - the area at risk of frost has extended westward so, yup, we're engulfed!
Taken at 1:45pm
 I'll be working on picking which trees get wrapped and which don't this evening.  Blueberries will get buckets turned upside down over them.  Currants will get covered.  I'll cover the most productive bed of strawberries.  The alpine strawberries have fruit formed on them....maybe I'll cover or just mulch them.  The potatoes will need mulched again.  The tomatoes already planted (about half) got covered a few nights ago already because the nights have been very low 40s all week.  I'm hoping the apple espalier trees won't need protection - they're right at the top of the slope down to the pond, which I'm hoping offers double protection (cold air should roll down the slope, plus the pond should hopefully give off warmth).

I need to take pics - I have cherries and plums bigger than I recall ever having before!

Fingers crossed!

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Sue said...

I certainly hope you escape it--but sounds like you're prepared for it.
Good luck!
We've had temps in the mid 20's the past couple of nights---but most of my stuff is still dormant, or not at the stage it can hurt.
I'm tired of cold, though.