Thursday, June 04, 2015

Strawberries from the garden

Alpine and more traditional.


Sue said...

White strawberries? How unique! Are they tasty? What variety?? Questions, I have questions!

Jeph said...

The container on the left has alpine strawberries. I figured alpine strawberries - ANY strawberries - would be difficult to start from seed. Not only were they low fuss, but they fruited the first year! And they've fruited heavily each year since.

I've lost a few of the plants around the asian pear tree, and all the plants around my peach tree, but the plants around the really leafy cherry tree, and the plants worked into the bedding on the north side of the house are super lush, and have even spread a little (I believe they only spread by seed - no runners).

Birds seem to neglect them - especially the white ones. Also, I personally think the white ones taste a little better than the red - more flavor, more juicy? Maybe it's just because birds get the red ones I'd want? I've never seen a bird go after them (unlike the catbird that eats my more traditional strawberries), but there's always less fruit. Don't expect a traditional strawberry flavor - if anything, I think they taste a little more like pineapple and berry?

I think these are the red ones I'm growing - they were a free Thompson and Morgan seed pack when I bought x-number of other T&M seed packs at the garden center that year.

And that was the same year I'd already bought the white alpine strawberry seeds. I don't remember the brand, but these are probably about the same:

Just FYI - mine are really a very very pale yellow - and only when they're ready to pick does it turn white Like with the reds, I know they're ripe when the calex pops out, the strawberry comes off easy, and is SUPER soft.

Here's more:

Oh wow - look at all the options here!!/c/12512056/inview=product48051152&offset=0&sort=normal

You'll have to get some to start this winter!