Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A big thank you to my friend George who picked up a pint each of red currants, white currants, and black currants at a farmers market. I've never had a fresh currant before, but know I love red currant and black currant jelly, and planted 10 currant bushes this I better love them, right?

Having said that, I don't think I've ever read anything where someone says "yum, I love these fresh currants I'm snacking on!"   And there's a reason for that!


That's my  "I just ate fresh currant" face.  It's also the face of several friends at work I got to try the fresh currants. The overall opinion seems to be that red and white currants are tolerable, and black currants get spit in the trash by three out of four people who tried them.

Since the weight of each pint of currants seems to be between a half pound and three quarters pound, there's definitely not enough to make a decent batch of any one color. I've found at least one site with a recipe for a mixed currant jelly, so I might try that. My first job in the next few days will be to pick through and remove any bad berries and then make juice from the currants and see just how much I get. Currants are loaded with pectin, so it'll probably just be a matter of measuring the juice and adding sugar and...not much else? Water,  if I remember right...

Check back to see how my adventures in currants go!

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