Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fig protection

I found the chipmunks were able to jump up into the pot with the fig. Not anymore! Now I'm enjoying a fig or two each day! Not the most attractive protection, but it seems to work!.


Sue said...

I used to work at a feedstore and we stack stuff on top of inverted plastic tubs. There's something about plastic that nothing seems to be able to climb it. Yea--it's not pretty , but whatever works. Delicious figs are worth it!

Jeph said...

And it's been working great - I've had more figs this year than ever before! I've now got two rooted cuttings in pots, have given away a third rooted cutting, and have four more pots with bent over (and 1 snapped off - oops) fig branches from the in-ground figs, figuring pots overwintered in the basement is the only way I'll be getting figs. I've learned that just because a fig is winter hardy, that does NOT mean I'll get ripe figs before frost!