Monday, April 04, 2016


Here's a reminder for future years - don't be surprised when this happens around the first week of April:

We got about an inch in the hour we were watching an episode of Daredevil, with a little more falling over night.

It sure did look pretty the next morning!

Still, this is bad news for some of the plants - and we have colder temps in the extended forecast.  I went out Sunday morning to confirm the peach blossoms that had already opened were all wilted.  Nearly every daffodil that had opened was bent to the ground.  And I don't know what these temps are going to do to the peach and Japanese plum blossoms that aren't open yet.  I'm not as worried about the pears, Asian pears and apples - they're hardy and built for this sort of weather.  The European plums, which have only been  in a couple years and have never successfully produced fruit should be ok as well - they're not very far along, and are more hardy.


Sue said...

It's always bad to have things budding when these late snows hit.
Up where I'm at, the plants usually "wake up" much later, but even up here, we're having our last frost later and later. Used to be first week of June--last year it was June 17. I lost ALL my peach trees......killed the whole tree. Frustrating.
I foresee a time when fruit trees will have to be kept in greenhouses. Sad.

Joe said...


It is suppose to be 96 here tomorrow. Which, is also Gross!