Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alpine strawberries

I think most of us would agree that red-colored things look really really tasty - just think of cherries, watermelon, red candy, fruit punch, and hey - strawberries!

In this case, Alpine Strawberries.  While the more standard issue Everbearing and June-Bearing strawberries produce bigger, more photogenic and grocery-store worthy fruits, the Alpine Strawberries produce smaller, sort of dryer-looking berries.  Their color still stands out in the garden, and these guys taste great and produce for a lot longer...they really don't stop til the gardening season wraps up.

But what's even better than those brightly colored red ones?  The white ones!  These little guys are amazing!  Sweet, with an almost pineapple flavor maybe?  People who try them are always surprised at how good they are, and can never quite place the flavor.  They're super delicate, and I doubt you'll ever see the picked fruit in a store or farmer's market, but they're well worth having in your garden, and sooo low-hassle!

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