Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The garden - late June

Just a teaser of some of the garden goodies coming out of the garden, or getting ready to come out of the garden in the next few weeks...

The four blueberry bushes I planted in one of my former veggie beds are a success!  So far all four have survived, they seem to prefer the loose, well draining, non-clay soil of the sacrificed veggie bed over the in-ground attempt at growing blueberries that I made shortly after we moved in.

I'm not going to get a ton of berries this year, but hopefully the bushes will survive and and continue to flourish.  Of the four different bushes, one is loaded, two just have a "medium" amount (compared to the first), and one is pretty sparse.  Flavors are all pretty comparable - I just have to force myself to let them FULLY ripen before picking...

Also - sugar snap and snow peas!  I'm just wishing I would've planted a succession crop.  Now the base of the pea bed has cucumbers and gourds starting to fill in, so I don't know if a planting of pea seeds at this point would really get the sun they need to take off and climb up past the leaves of the other two crops sharing their bed.

While I thought the Stupice variety was the first tomato to show any real progress (as it should, since it's advertised as a super early tomato), these Chef's Choice Orange tomatoes right at the base of the plant are REALLY taking off!  Unfortunately, chipmunks are constantly running past this spot so, unless I do something about the chipmunks, I suspect these tomatoes will be chipmunks snacks once they ripen.

I don't eat a lot of peppers, but Brett makes great use of them in chili for us, so I try to grow a lot and we chop/freeze them in "chili packs" - measures vaccu-seal bundles of jalapeno, onion, bell pepper, and maybe celery.  Here's the first/biggest of the bell peppers in the foreground (out of focus), and you an see at least one more forming in the background.


Sue said...

You're very far ahead of us here in Northern Michigan.
I've got at least a month until the blueberries ripen and my peppers are JUST starting to form flowers. Supposed to be 41 degrees tonight---that's not helping matters.

Jeph said...

I haven't even seen all that many flowers on my peppers - I think they're being sneaky about it. ;-)

We've had some chilly nights this past week (upper 40s), and highs have dropped down back to the 70s or maybe lower 80s on some days. I think we're due to get back into the 90s this coming week. My okra isn't caring for the weather - it seems to have just stopped growing at a few inches tall. The tomatoes, however, are loving it! The plants are monsters this year!