Saturday, July 02, 2016


I have my coworkers well-trained.  The folks in the office know I rotate the small, clear plastic quart-sized soup containers from Chinese restaurants on my desk.

On any day I could have anywhere from zero to half a dozen "deposits" made in the lidded container - the gang at work will drop off banana peels, egg shells from a hard boiled egg (usually wrapped in a paper napkin), apple cores, peach pits, cherry pits, etc.  I have an amaryllis in my office, and when a leaf dies that also gets stuffed in the container...

One coworker even keeps a dedicated container on his desk for me, and when he makes his coffee, the grounds go in there.  Sometimes he can fill the container within a week, sometimes it'll be several weeks - depending on how much coffee he's making at work.

Those containers go home, and then get dumped in either the basement worm bins, or the compost bins outside.  Sometimes I might even get crazy and bury the contents of the container directly in the garden.

I think my three black compost bins are proving the most effective.  In addition to the work scraps, other stuff like kitchen scraps, weeds, prunings, fall leaves from neighbors, grass clippings, Amazon shipping boxes, etc go in there.  I don't have to stir the stuff up - I just layer it in haphazardly, and then this is the stuff that falls out the bottom after awhile...

Unfortunately, there are some chopped up worms in these pictures.  I have to dig in to the bottom doorways with the shovel to really pull out a lot of the good stuff, and the worms love the compost bins - most of them make it, some of them don't.  I figure they'll just break down and add to the nutritional value of the compost in the garden.

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Sue said...

Where would we be without that compost! You're so fortunate to have coworkers that save scraps for you.
I've been known to "steal" bags of leaves, etc from curbs for more stuff. Of course, if they have one of those "picture perfect" lawns, I don't . That means chemicals. Blech!