Saturday, July 09, 2016

More Sock Knitting

One can never be working on enough pairs of socks, right?

I forgot my knitting at work the other day (I take it in with me to knit while my computer, browsers, Outlook, etc start up), and wanted to knit in the evening.  Sooooo - why not start yet another pair of socks (I already have two other pairs I'm working on!)

This pair is experimental - combining the very simple Cascade 220 in Doeskin Heather with Noro's Silk Garden color changing, thick-and-thin yarn.  So far it seems like they're coming along nicely, although I can tell they're gonna be freakishly warm socks!

This pic was from when I was testing 44 stitches around the body of the sock.  It was too many, so I ripped back and went with 40 stitches.  Still...I like the pic!  I was going with 4 rounds of Noro, 2 of Cascade.  After starting over, I went with 5 rounds of Noro, 2 of Cascade (see pic above).

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