Sunday, July 03, 2016

Pesto Change-o!

What do you do when you're not sure what you should make for dinner, and yet you've been itching to use some of that basil out in the garden?  Whizz up some pizza dough, then go out, grab some basil, and since you're short on garlic in the kitchen, prematurely harvest a head of garlic while you're at it!

Btw - there are different kinds of basil.  I bought some plants this year, plus had seedlings from some of the seeds I harvested last fall.  The variety on the left (pic below) from last year seeds's is something like a lime or lemon basil - not really great for making pesto...  The one of the right is a more traditional Sweet (or Genovese?) basil - just what I need!

The wad of basil you see in the pic above got whizzed in the food processor with a few garlic cloves, a small chunk of parmesan I pulled from the freezer, some salt and pepper, and olive oil...

My pizzas didn't turn out great this time.  I tried a new recipe with a lot more olive oil, which is intended to make them pliable and durable, but I also noticed they seemed more oily/pillowy.  I like the pillowy crusts, with lots of bubbles, but don't care for the more oily dough.  Also - I'm still screwing up my grilling temps/times, and keep scorching the dough before it goes back into the kitchen for topping.  I need to work on this!  Still, dinner wasn't awful...and the pesto sure tasted great.  I'll have to get some fresh mozarella and tomatoes - mmmm, caprese pizza!

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