Friday, July 08, 2016

Red Raspberries!

Red raspberry season is upon us!

I quickly went from not picking because I'd treated the berries/canes with some Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew (trying to head off the spotted wing drosophila that have made a mess of the berries the last few years), to waiting three days (technically four) until it was safe to eat anything that was treated, to picking a few here and there, to this!  Yum!

And so far so good.  The berries look good, most are blemish free, no signs of little worms in them, no signs of critters chewing them to a pulp.

I'll have to decide if I take a break from harvesting berries to give them another Capt Jack treatment.  If I do, I'll need to harvest heavily, spray, and warn the neighbors that there's no picking for a few days....

I'll enjoy nibbling berries for a short while now, and then I'll probably shift over to most going into the freezer.  Those'll later get juiced for jelly making.

And because I pruned the canes to three different heights this winter/spring, I'm hoping to have a longer harvest.  I don't know if it'll work out that way - we'll see!

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