Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today's harvest

Includes zucchini and cucumber clearly missed when I picked yesterday, plus the first black Krim, first green zebra, first okra and first grapes!

The green zebras are having a rough time this year - really bad with the blossom end rot. They're rarely very healthy plants for me...

The grapes are my first - are there are going to be very few. Kinda tough skins. Some are a little seedy. I'm guessing they started ripening this past week and I didn't realize it - either the critters have gotten a number of them, or they have just been dropping.

Now - what do I do with one okra?


Sue said...

Bread it up and deep fry that baby!

Jeph said...

LOL Frying just one okra!? That's alotta mess for just the one. ;-)