Friday, June 30, 2006

Shhhh! The Tiger Lillies Are Sleeping!

On my drive in this morning I noticed how all the tiger lillies are closed up tight and pointed in the same direction. I guess I usually pay more attention to them when driving home from work, going out later in the day, etc when they're open and really attractive. But this morning all I saw were closed up buds with just a bit of that trademark orange peeking out around the lip of the bud. Not the big flashy flower we're use to seeing during the day, but attractive in their own way.

Sadly, our tiger lillies are a little behind - still just tiny nubbins for buds. C'mon guys - get it in gear!!


Weeding the Garden said...

You know I want pictures of the tiger lilies!! Me being a lily fanatic..

Jeph said...

Will definitely have to post that. Oops - "lilies" is one l, not two, hunh? Just one of those words I never spell well! :)